A repository of resources for students working on their computer basic and information technology skills.

  • Computer Basics
  • Keyboarding
  • Word Processing
  • Internet

The Prescribed Learning Outcomes for each progressive core course (Levels 1–7) include an ever-increasing complexity of skills, concepts, and competencies in English language acquisition and mastery.  Levels 1–4 reflect the extended time required for students, especially those students new to reading, writing, or speaking English, to gain proficiency before advancing to the more complex skills included in Levels 5–7.

The following curriculum organizers are emphasized for Levels 4 and 5

  • Oral Language (Speaking and Listening)
  • Reading and Viewing
  • Writing and Representing
  • Evidence of Thinking

Parts of Speech review and practice site.

This course is designed to provide an opportunity for further study in the area of Cell Theory, Molecular Biology, and Human Biology.

It is intended as an academic science course.

Curriculum revision: 2019